We're aiming to create designs that transform your experience, reduce consumption, have a positive environmental impact, and bring people closer together. Nothing like aiming high, right?

great design changes you

Our idea is to design stuff so good it changes you, just a tiny bit.

Maybe you get outdoors more, or choose to walk instead of drive. Maybe your toddler entertains themself for a full half hour, or you finally have a toy that improves your interior design. You can pass it down through each of your kids, and share it further when they’re done. You’ll take the time to replace a part, and love the look on your little one’s face when you do the repairs together.

And here’s the litmus test.

Maybe – just maybe – you’ll resist the temptation to ‘buy more stuff’ because what you already have is great.

owning only really good 'stuff' feels better - helps you focus on what matters more

we will consume less, if what we have is truly great

Wishbone Bike utterly re-organizes when and how a kid learns to ride. It helps a child learn to walk, run & balance and grows with the child from babyhood to school age. In a single blow, Wishbone Bike replaces multiple products you could have bought, broken and thrown away between ages 1 to 5.

Wishbone Mini-Flip is inspired by the same philosophy. Everyone loves a rocking horse right - but who's got the space? Little Amy MUST have her own little car to scoot around the house.... But whoa, she's got to learn to walk first. What if her very first walker could magically transform into each one of those toys, at the very same moment she is ready for them?

That's transformational joy.

Above all else, we hope our design shifts your deep sense of connection as a human being. So we design experiences, not products. We want you to feel close - to your family & friends, to us, to strangers through the Wishbone global community, and to your manufactured possessions. And we're aiming to re-connect ourfuture with the joys of the past.