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The ultimate pre-bike. Learn to walk, ride and balance all-in-one. Ideal for 12 months to 5 years, Wishbone Bike is the original learn to ride system for babies and preschoolers. Awarded TIME Magazine's Design 100, 'Wishbone sets the standard' says Huffington Post.

With all the great features of our Wishbone Bike Original 3in1 Bikes, this is our most popular Limited Edition bike design of all time, and these are the very last two available in the world!   Snail Bike features beautiful artwork by Neal Whittington to raise awareness about the endangered and carnivorous Giant Kauri Snail from Northland, New Zealand.

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Nothing activates the whole brain like music.

Music has a transformative powerthat modern medicine cannot yet fully explain. Through music, those who cannot speak can sing, those who cannot move can dance, those who have forgotten can remember. With the power to unlock a child’s left and right brain, music touches humans across cultures and religions, bridging political and ideological divides. Still with all the same amazing features of our Original 3in1 bikes.

Let there be music...


Wishbone Bike 3in1 Original started it all. With more function than you can shake a stick at, this iconic design embodies Wishbone's mission to reduce consumption and increase joy through circular design.