when something wears out, we get to make a choice: repair it or throw away?

Too often, modern children's toys are designed as consumables. Good for a few uses but when we break 'em, we bin 'em. At Wishbone, we're designing products with classic styling and durable materials that are seriously repairable... Buy once, put it through it’s paces, and if you wear it out making memories, drop by for some spare parts. We’ll get your Wishbone looking as good as new.

Rear Axle Kit - short
Axle Small Parts Bag
12" Bike Inner Tube
Rear Axle Kit - long
Rear Axle Kit - long

Sold Out

Bike Frame Small Parts Bag
Wishbone Trike Kit
RE2 Forks
RE2 Forks


Front Axle Kit
Bike Wheel - complete
Mini-Flip/Flip Small Parts Bag
12" Bike Tyre
12" Bike Tyre


Bike Seat
Bike Seat


Wheel Bearings & spacer
Original Forks Natural
Flip Handlebar Stem Kit
Handlebar incl O-Rings
Flip Caster Wheel
Flip wheel parts bag
Rotafix Small Parts Bag
Flip Race Base
Original Frame Natural
RE/RE2 Bike Seat
RE Headset Cover
Mini-Flip Handlebars (with black ball ends)
Flip Handlebars
14" Cruise inner tube
Wishbone Cruise Trike Kit
RE2 12" Complete Wheel Red
RE2 12" Complete Wheel Raw
8.5" Wagon Inner Tube
Flip Shell Top
Mini-Flip Wheel Parts Bag